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Welcome to Residence Halls!

The Residence Halls provides shared spaces for a diverse community, creating opportunities for personal enrichment and growth. As a facility of the Ateneo de Manila, it is guided by the principles of Ignation education and university policies guidelines. (Please view Residence Halls guidelines here.)

This reservation form is intended for visiting guests and students who wish to reside in the Residence Halls for a duration of not more than 4 months or outside of the regular semester schedule (Interssession, First Semester, Second Semester). For long-term stay, please click here.

As part of the admissions process, the Residence Halls requires you to provide some personal data and requests additional information from University offices that would be pertinent to your application. All information gathered in this application form or obtained from other University offices will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to external organizations. The data will be used, unless stated otherwise, for the purpose of your intent to reside in the Residence Halls.

By accomplishing this application form, you hereby declare that all information provided are correct and true and give consent to the other University offices to provide requested information material to the consideration of your application to the Residence Halls.

Note: To reserve for a group of more than 4 guests please click here: